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Meet Your Publisher

"We live to create beautiful memories, so that when we die, we'll have something to dream about."


"Eat My Lyrics began as a stamp to solidify my poetry when I shared it via social media; I wanted my readers to devour what I had to say. As time moved forward, I was encouraged to create my first book of poetry, The Naked Truth. In taking my steps as a novice in the writing & publishing industry, I ran into many headaches with traditional publishing, as well as self-publishing. I lacked the knowledge and resources to excel, but it was in that moment of desperation that I decided to begin a publishing company of my own.

I registered Eat My Lyrics as my first business in December of 2012, I filed for a DBA; I let life handle me, but I utilized its abuse to catapult me into helping others. My first book sold out at a local Walmart in less than two hours. Each event I attended, I sold out; all I had to do was place my book in their hands, and it was theirs. My words were theirs. Each edible concept, theirs. I knew that my magic was meant for something."


Chanel Monroe Giovanni


CHANEL GIOVANNI, born August 3, 1991, grew up in Fort Worth, Texas; where dreams became nightmares and writing became her reality. 

Surrounded by so many siblings and no father, CHANEL craved something for herself- sex and words became her fix. With sex came experiences that she could never take back; this is where her pain began and, in that pain, she found her voice. 


On July 21st, 2014, CHANEL'S passion for words were challenged as she stood in a hospital room embracing the loss of her mother- for the first time in her life, she was speechless. She wanted so badly for her mom to know that dreams really do come true, she simply wanted her to believe again. 


Despite the dagger of her mother's nonexistence, CHANEL pressed forward, bringing truth to her notion- dreams really do come true. She launched her first book, The Naked Truth, in which opened many doors. Readers left feedback on Amazon and all-over social media, solidifying that CHANEL'S journey as an Author had just begun. 


Today, CHANEL has launched and published two new books, I am Porcelain and The Art of Words. Find out how she channeled the broken daughter within her and used her platform to elevate, educate, and uplift broken daughters all around the world. 

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Need a Ghostwriter?


Webster’s definition of a Ghostwriter is a person whose job it is to write material for someone else who is named the Author.

CHANEL GIOVANNI is a Ghostwriter who can connect with a story so well that she presents it as though the named Author truly wrote it themselves, because in hindsight, they did.

CHANEL GIOVANNI ghostwrites novels, memoirs, poetry, articles, music, and webpages; she is here to serve you in every aspects. No one will ever match the passion she's willing to bring to your content. 

The starting price for a book to be ghostwritten is $25,000. A contract will be orchestrated entailing stipulations & demands of all parties involved. Every area must be agreed upon in order to move forward. A deposit is required & is non-negotiable. 

Contact CHANEL GIOVANNI  to execute your vision, while you relax, work, vacay, and await the adventures of launching your next big thing. 

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