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Chanel Monroe Giovanni


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CHANEL GIOVANNI, born August 3, 1991, grew up in Fort Worth, Texas; where dreams became nightmares and writing became her reality. 

Surrounded by so many siblings and no father, CHANEL craved something for herself- sex and words became her fix. With sex came experiences that she could never take back; this is where her pain began and, in that pain, she found her voice. 


On July 21st, 2014, CHANEL'S passion for words were challenged as she stood in a hospital room embracing the loss of her mother- for the first time in her life, she was speechless. She wanted so badly for her mom to know that dreams really do come true, she simply wanted her to believe again. 


Despite the dagger of her mother's nonexistence, CHANEL pressed forward, bringing truth to her notion- dreams really do come true. She launched her first book, The Naked Truth, in which opened many doors. Readers left feedback on Amazon and all-over social media, solidifying that CHANEL'S journey as an Author had just begun. 


Today, CHANEL has launched and published two new books, I am Porcelain and The Art of Words. Find out how she channeled the broken daughter within her and used her platform to elevate, educate, and uplift broken daughters all around the world. 

Books By Chanel Giovanni

I AM PORCELAIN poetry novel by Brittiny D. Morehead

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The Art of Words book of short stories by Brittiny D. Morehead

On May 15th, 2021, CHANEL GIOVANNI graduated from Tarrant County College. 2 days later, she was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure (5/17/2021).


After sulking & rebelling in defeat, she made a vow to take moments of her life back, one story at a time. 

In this collection of teaser tales, CHANEL GIOVANNI utilizes her platform as a writer to unleash events that may have landed her some hard time, had she not found ways to cope.


The Art of Words encompasses 5 titles ranging in genres of Drama, Mystery, Thriller, and Horror.


If you're looking for content that will have you begging for more, you've come to the right place.

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Prices may vary and are dependent upon the retailer per your choosing. 


Other Published Works

The Naked Truth poetry novel by Brittiny D. Morehead
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